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"How do you remove toxic people from your life if that person is family?" That particular question was raised by someone I knew in high school. Let's call him Alex.  According to one saying, "blood is thicker than water." Which means to say that you have strong ties with your kin compared to strangers. However, there are also instances wherein that is not the case; or if you are still close, you were doing that to avoid conflict within the family. What happens when that person becomes toxic in your life? Should you still keep in contact with them? How'd you remove them from your life? Those questions can really be tough to answer especially if you love them dearly.  When he asked for ... Read More


Is a woman who Loves her self.  Recognizes her worth. Has a mind of her own. Do the things that makes her happy. Chases her dreams by turning it into plans and realizing it. Knows the kind of people she should surround herself with. Evades hypocrites, narcisists and the like. Doesn't have to be in a relationship to be blissful and contented in life. Prioritizes people who are important in her life. Doesn't get involved in temporary persons or relationships. If she does, then she quietly moves on when the relationship ends. Won't beg a man to stay. Won't beseech a man for his affections. She believes that both  parties should give it freely if they're in a relationship. Doesn't care what others think even if she faces backlash. Can be alone but never ... Read More


"I wasn't a morning person, but you gave me a burst of energy. I needed you. You complete me. You made my day." I mumbled this words as I reached for my second cup of coffee while staring at my phone and checking the sites I owned for a feed back on my literary works from both seasoned and amateur writers. I haven't slept the previous night. I have been awake for more than 30 hours already and was contemplating about what I should write in my blog. There's just a lot of issues I'd like to tackle and just thinking about it made me restless. Some of the issues I'd like to address were the following: The surge of terrorism in ... Read More


"Is it too late for me to start writing?" I asked that question multiple times. I wasn't always a writer. My ways of coping the frustrations and triumphs in life were mostly expressed thru sketching and painting. I can go on and on for hours in it. Aside from that, I tend to get lost in my thoughts while reading a novel. But what really propelled me to write? I decided to start writing because of the bitter memories that occupied my mind. Although painting eases the pain away, I felt that I have to get my thoughts off my mind. Now, another problem arises, I'm selectively social which resulted to a small circle of friends. Each of them lived too ... Read More


  Reminiscing bygones wasn't my most favored leisure. When you stifled me with unfounded veneration's It jolted a tortuous remembrance Back to the arcane Pandora's box of old. When tranquility betide the riposte to apiece my questions; As one vanished into thin air after securing affections. Now you and your mercurial boots has decamped for a new conquest. So it seems, kismet has played a herculean trick on me once more.  2017 Mel Joy (themonochromereaper.wordpress.com) All Rights Reserved


  I have this queer habit of mine that propelled me into a solitary life. As a kid I knew I was different from others. I tend to be alone not because I'm shy but because I want to be left to my own devices. I find it hard to have common ground with people. I'm not the outgoing type, not one for gossips or idle talk. I want to withheld my emotions and keep my life private, I don't relish the idea of being vulnerable especially to people who can't understand me. Although there were times I've made friends, they soon end as soon as the year ends, when I graduated, or when I moved to a different place. I ... Read More
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