Nights Amore

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Today I was randomly skimming through youtube for a piano playlist to tread through this lonely afternoon, when by chance, I discovered a beautiful melancholic tune. It resonated inside me, like the voice is beckoning me...saying "I feel you, hear my sad tunes." I was blown away by its haunting beauty and enchanting lonesome melodies. So I listened and drowned out the vacancy inside me. I let myself into a trance. In my mind's eye, I was dancing along the symphony, no longer caring of the pain inside me. Today was the day I discovered Nights Amore.
November 22, 2017themonochromereaper


Did someone ever question your smile...


  I have this queer habit of mine that propelled me into a solitary life. As a kid I knew I was different from others. I tend to be alone not because I'm shy but because I want to be left to my own devices. I find it hard to have common ground with people. I'm not the outgoing type, not one for gossips or idle talk. I want to withheld my emotions and keep my life private, I don't relish the idea of being vulnerable especially to people who can't understand me. Although there were times I've made friends, they soon end as soon as the year ends, when I graduated, or when I moved to a different place. I am not really the type to reach out for someone. I haven't been into a lot of relationships. Seriously. They must have known I was alien to their species. I am the type that doesn't fall in love ... Read More


It was a hectic day. I didn't have the luxury to go to the restaurant or cook since I have to go some place asap. So I opened the fridge and grabbed my on-the-go liquid meal. I shook the bottle, unscrewed the cap and removed the seal. But this action actually made pause for a moment. It made me think about people and how their mind works. I started comparing individuals with this bottle. Everything is sealed tight, just like their mind. They have secrets and ulterior motives that made them act the way they do. In a nutshell, you can't really judge a person and the authenticity with their actions. You just never know. Everything we see might just be pure decoration. However, even if we don't really know the depths of a person's mind we still fall in love with them. To me, that's akin to a strange ... Read More


Dedicated to the one who can't be named. I now realized that he was too young to cope up with the onslaught of adoration that came his way. There were those that smothered him with adulation; beautiful, rich and influential. It was inherently inevitable that he'd take a fancy. I couldn't blame him. But how can you blame someone who's trying to remain faithful with you but finally responded to their urges? I can see him suffering and it's affecting our relationship. He was flocked by harpies, the temptations just naturally followed him around. It's only a matter of time... It's not as if he has an ironclad feelings and discipline towards his urges like a monk. No, he's a warm blooded young man filled with energy. But before you say it, let me make it clear that I'm not making excuses for him. I did my best to understand the logic behind his actions and sometimes we just have ... Read More
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