He was a poet I have admired from afar. I felt the emotions in his words, I saw the deep scars inside his glassheart. Strong and fragile he was... He kept falling for the wrong ones, Breaking his own heart While I sat here in the sidelines Waiting, waiting for our paths to collide. One day I was merely an admirer from afar, But now I was in love With this mysterious poet, extraterrestrial. I thought to myself that it would be great To feel the intense magnitude of his love. I yearned to be his muse - The only one he loves, The only one he desires, His sole inspiration to continuously write. My wish suddenly came true out of the blue, As I watched the stars falling from the sky. We're no longer strangers But friends who quickly turned to lovers and yet... As months passed by, The poet that I love stopped penning poetries of our love. How disappointed was I, you asked? How can one write hundreds of poems for his unrequited love ... Read More
January 4, 2018themonochromereaper
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