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If we lived in a different reality Where humanoids and people dwell harmoniously; Where formal and informal relationships with the AI Is the norm of the society, Would you still choose to be with me, I wonder... A droid can be programmed according to your liking Built for efficiency, looks and practicality - with a bit of free will. They wouldn't interrogate you about your past, Be jealous by non-existent relationships, Or be threatened if their needs aren't met. They wouldn't demand for safety and security in the relationship Because they don't fear the unknown. They are the perfect partner to every personality, Whether you're an INTJ, ENFP or ISTJ. To keep IT satisfied, all you need to do Is invest in software's and spare parts, Keeping it up-to--date and virus-free. Wouldn't your ... Read More
September 3, 2018themonochromereaper


Life is unpredictable and future is uncertain. I hope and pray that you will Love me more with each passing day; That you will remain Faithfully devoted to me. Swear to me your utmost fidelity. Don't put your sexual interest, Desires or attention elsewhere. Don't sin with you eyes, See only me. Love only me. Remember our relationship's exclusivity. Spend the rest of your life with me.
August 8, 2018themonochromereaper


How can thee sayeth yond thee loveth me in the m'rning and bef're i catch but a wink at night yet whenev'r i am taken ov'r by mine own jealousy and possesiveness, thee can casually sayeth yond thee shall leaveth me, yond we shouldst endeth this, yond thou art bett'r off high-lone. wherefore, at which hour i confronteth thee with some things yond greatly both'rs me; wheth'r i am in the wrong 'r right, thee belittle me and useth w'rds. w'rds enow to cutteth me? how can i assureth mine own heart and feeleth secureth at which hour ev'ry timeth thee sayeth 'r doth these things t maketh me doubteth about the authenticity of thy loveth, our future?
March 17, 2018themonochromereaper


...and sometimes it's a bliss to be ignorant for the more you know about something, the more you worry about it. I've been reading a lot of articles lately whether in social medias like Fb & Quora or other blogs to learn about a particular subject. Yes, I am the type that spends the majority of their time to search online until I got the information that satisfies me. For some reasons, it's hard to satisfy my inquiries. When a case is solved, another one pops up like a ripple effect. Being a person hungry for knowledge, I've got to pursue this neverending cycle until I'm content. Now, I know what you're thinking. I'm such a worry wart; and yes, I am. ... Read More
September 7, 2017themonochromereaper


It's too early to deem this as an unfortunate day. Everything went smoothly as I arrived at the vicinity a tad too early. I was definitely expecting to conduct a class and start with the new lesson on Price Elasticity of Demand. After 3 hours, the wait was finally over. I was walking along the corridors of the 3rd floor along with some of my students who came for me (Isn't it sweet that some of my students would go out of their way to walk me to our class everyday?). All of a sudden, we heard a tumult emanating from every classroom. All of us were pretty confused but then we just went on our way towards the stairs. Little did ... Read More
August 29, 2017themonochromereaper


"...and maybe I should use abstraction more often..." As I'm penning these lines, I'm contemplating on the numerous ways I can fall asleep. When I am exhausted, normally I easily fall asleep. But when I feel that way and I'm still awake around 11 pm onward; Sleep seems to be remnant of the past. Albeit a tiresome day, I'm glad that it was a productive one. At least all my efforts paid off. I really like it when my work is appreciated, especially if my plans were followed down to every detail. Who doesn't, right? Now going back to the topic, why dabble on abstraction? What merit can I derive from it? Isn't it a far cry from my spontaneous combustion of ... Read More
August 24, 2017themonochromereaper
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