If we lived in a different reality Where humanoids and people dwell harmoniously; Where formal and informal relationships with the AI Is the norm of the society, Would you still choose to be with me, I wonder... A droid can be programmed according to your liking Built for efficiency, looks and practicality - with a bit of free will. They wouldn't interrogate you about your past, Be jealous by non-existent relationships, Or be threatened if their needs aren't met. They wouldn't demand for safety and security in the relationship Because they don't fear the unknown. They are the perfect partner to every personality, Whether you're an INTJ, ENFP or ISTJ. To keep IT satisfied, all you need to do Is invest in software's and spare parts, Keeping it up-to--date and virus-free. Wouldn't your ... Read More
September 3, 2018themonochromereaper


How can thee sayeth yond thee loveth me in the m'rning and bef're i catch but a wink at night yet whenev'r i am taken ov'r by mine own jealousy and possesiveness, thee can casually sayeth yond thee shall leaveth me, yond we shouldst endeth this, yond thou art bett'r off high-lone. wherefore, at which hour i confronteth thee with some things yond greatly both'rs me; wheth'r i am in the wrong 'r right, thee belittle me and useth w'rds. w'rds enow to cutteth me? how can i assureth mine own heart and feeleth secureth at which hour ev'ry timeth thee sayeth 'r doth these things t maketh me doubteth about the authenticity of thy loveth, our future?
March 17, 2018themonochromereaper


For a second, I thought that at last he has finally written a quote or poem dedicated to me. But alas! He was merely suggesting about posting for Instagram on Valentine's day. Dear me! I can only remain silent and keep my thoughts to myself whilst sighing with a deep breath. My long awaited dream of reading his eloquent words of love has remained elusive. How disappointing! I am ashamed for craving for something I can never ever obtain. Our relationship, although filled with commitment and love has become platonic - routine. Today, I'll give up my hopes of ever receiving any of your works that are solely created for me. My dear poet, from now on I'll chastise myself for wishing our relationship ... Read More
February 14, 2018themonochromereaper


He was a poet I have admired from afar. I felt the emotions in his words, I saw the deep scars inside his glassheart. Strong and fragile he was... He kept falling for the wrong ones, Breaking his own heart While I sat here in the sidelines Waiting, waiting for our paths to collide. One day I was merely an admirer from afar, But now I was in love With this mysterious poet, extraterrestrial. I thought to myself that it would be great To feel the intense magnitude of his love. I yearned to be his muse - The only one he loves, The only one he desires, His sole inspiration to continuously write. My wish suddenly came true out of the blue, As I watched the stars falling from the sky. We're ... Read More
January 4, 2018themonochromereaper




by themonochromereaper / / Poetry, Reflections
I never thought that one day, I would become the very person I hate. I believe, I threw my morals out of the window When I fell in love with him. He was everything that I want. He was the kind of person That can light up my life. He makes life worthwhile. He brings out the best of me, But... Reality hits me with an uppercut to the chin. It knocked me down and me feel like a second-rate person. I'm tormented deep within, even in my dreams. But what else can I do? I can't leave him. Because as stupid as it sounds, I love him.
December 15, 2017themonochromereaper


Today I was randomly skimming through youtube for a piano playlist to tread through this lonely afternoon, when by chance, I discovered a beautiful melancholic tune. It resonated inside me, like the voice is beckoning me...saying "I feel you, hear my sad tunes." I was blown away by its haunting beauty and enchanting lonesome melodies. So I listened and drowned out the vacancy inside me. I let myself into a trance. In my mind's eye, I was dancing along the symphony, no longer caring of the pain inside me. Today was the day I discovered Nights Amore.
November 22, 2017themonochromereaper
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