It was a hectic day. I didn't have the luxury to go to the restaurant or cook since I have to go some place asap. So I opened the fridge and grabbed my on-the-go liquid meal. I shook the bottle, unscrewed the cap and removed the seal. But this action actually made pause for a moment. It made me think about people and how their mind works. I started comparing individuals with this bottle. Everything is sealed tight, just like their mind. They have secrets and ulterior motives that made them act the way they do. In a nutshell, you can't really judge a person and the authenticity with their actions. You just never know. Everything we see might just be pure decoration. However, even if we don't really know the depths of a person's mind we still fall in love with them. To me, that's akin to a strange addiction where humans naturally gravitate. I end this with a question: How much ... Read More
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