Dreams can be a tad funny, ain't it? Especially if it kept on repeating itself for two nights in a row and then continue to where it stopped the previous night. It's akin to having a bookmark on the favorite novel you've red the previous night.   I awoke to the chill air as Luna kissed the Sky goodbye - She said to him, "see you again tonight, my love." As she departed, a tinge of sadness loomed within their hearts. It seems that the Sun's presence can't replace Luna's overwhelming charm as the Sky longed to embrace her celestial beauty again tonight. The night is theirs to make love. What immense longing must these lovers endure prior being together once more, right?   Oh my, what a night I've had. My mind's playing a herculean trick and I don't know how else to respond but just to write. "Funny how you visit my dreams frequently. Could it be due to missing you immensely?", ... Read More
August 6, 2017themonochromereaper


"I wasn't a morning person, but you gave me a burst of energy. I needed you. You complete me. You made my day." I mumbled this words as I reached for my second cup of coffee while staring at my phone and checking the sites I owned for a feed back on my literary works from both seasoned and amateur writers. I haven't slept the previous night. I have been awake for more than 30 hours already and was contemplating about what I should write in my blog. There's just a lot of issues I'd like to tackle and just thinking about it made me restless. Some of the issues I'd like to address were the following: The surge of terrorism in Marawi City and how it will spread like wildfire if left on its own. Declaration of Marshall Law: It's Pro's and Cons & the ulterior motives of people who were against it (or against the administration). A poem for the fallen soldiers ... Read More


... I roused to the sensation of emptiness As my nightmarish episode lingers In the crisp air that threatened to en kindle Goosebumps to my exposed skin. My mind was befuddled akin to Undergoing a psychiatric maltreatment. Subsequently, thoughts of you Instantaneously sneaked into my Mind's eye as they keep taunting me. I lay in my bed alone, tormented but not defeated. Which begs the question, how can I Waylay this futile sentiments?  2017 Mel Joy (themonochromereaper.wordpress.com) All Rights Reserved
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