Dreams can be a tad funny, ain't it? Especially if it kept on repeating itself for two nights in a row and then continue to where it stopped the previous night. It's akin to having a bookmark on the favorite novel you've red the previous night.   I awoke to the chill air as Luna kissed the Sky goodbye - She said to him, "see you again tonight, my love." As she departed, a tinge of sadness loomed within their hearts. It seems that the Sun's presence can't replace Luna's overwhelming charm as the Sky longed to embrace her celestial beauty again tonight. The night is theirs to make love. What immense longing must these lovers endure prior being together once more, right?   Oh my, what a night I've had. My mind's playing a herculean trick and I don't know how else to respond but just to write. "Funny how you visit my dreams frequently. Could it be due to missing you immensely?", ... Read More
August 6, 2017themonochromereaper


Buenos Días mi Amor...   In my rapt slumber I heard Something was ringing, Vibrating, and reverberating; Seems like a faint alarm in a  Canonical hour of dawning. Or is it? Is it? Is it? Hmm, Let me first think about it... I'm still stuck in my dream, "Should I pry open my eyes, Leave this riveting dream?" I asked myself, deliberated, As another illusive segment  Transpired inside my head. But that alarm, that notif Sounded superb, alluring, Spellbinding and ensnaring. "What is this distinct feeling? Who is it? I have to see it! This feels rather exotic..." As I reached for my phone A glint and a smile suddenly  Formed in my languid face. What a way to wake up, Reading the saccharine words From the one you love That definitely loves you back "Buenos días mi amor!" © 2017 Mel Joy (themonocheomereaper.wordpress.com) All Rights Reserved
June 23, 2017themonochromereaper




by themonochromereaper / / Poetry
Dedicated to individuals whose minds were riddled with questions... Sleep rarely visits me anymore, And it left me wondering about the ff: What have I been anticipating for? Or to be more precise in the matters Of the heart, who am I waiting for? My mind's just downright bothered. How can someone touch our lives And make us feel oh so vulnerable But at the same time fill us with vigor? Will they run away after discovering Our inner demons & hidden skeletons? Or will they acknowledge us for who We really are? I can't help but wonder... 2017 Mel Joy (themonochromereaper.wordpress.com) All Rights Reserved


Dedicated to the ones who kept on hoping that one day they'll meet the one they've been waiting for. Perpetually trapped in this dismal abyss, My heart, mind and soul keeps yearning That someday you'll find your way to me. Subsisting under the same milky way galaxy, Although Light years apart we might be, I am pining for someone that is auhentic. I don't care much of the vain material things, I desired for something that's long-lasting. I do wonder innumerable times already, Whenever I gazed into the cloudless night Were you likewise doing the same thing? Are we both hankering for the same feeling? I find myself talking underneath the moonlight As if your response will float into the air And cross the timelines, but I get nothing. Yet I will wait until it finds its way to me. But will you merely stay as just my dream? A figment in my imagination, my ideal; A creation to fill the void inside my being. If by chance you read this & desired the same thing Can you make this a reality instead ... Read More
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