Albeit overcome by The beautiful view, I'm plagued by the  Lonely drive. I want to end this journey swiftly To reach your side. It would have been better Have you been here Everything would be spellbinding For we can discourse  On almost anything. Picking our brains  With frequent banters, Dry humor, oh the irony Of things... You took my heart with suave In exchange for your  Intense feelings. Now I just search And drive endlessly  Hoping someday,  I'll find my way, Paving this unknown  Road relentlessly. But oh, what  a long  Arduous journey. I hope when I get there, You're still patiently waiting for me. 2017 Mel Joy (themonochromereaper.wordpress.com) All Rights Reserved
July 18, 2017themonochromereaper


Dedicated to lovers who just abandon the relationship when the going gets tough... Feel free to interpret it in anyway you can. ( P.S. you could also interpret it as a satire). Oh Captain!  My winsome Captain! I seized the vessel's First chief mate position Knowing I am safe Under your supervision. You're one of a kind When it comes to Developing strategies As well as your keen  Sense of direction. We were bound to peregrinate The less travelled waters That only the brazen, Intellectual adventurers Dared to traverse. As I mount the ship, My heart, mind, body  And soul felt assured. But as our ship drifted Beyond the shallow waters, The eye of the storm Began to loom. I can hear the sounds Of the rolling thunder. I can see the bolts of lightning  Striking ahead, From cloud to cloud  And from cloud to ground. The wind became stronger As the surging and plunging waves Threaten to sink the ship; To devour it whole. However, I wasn't perturbed. With you, I know I'm secured. But Captain!  Oh my dear Captain! Why were you fretting Whilst steering the wheel upon Knowing this mere predicament? Aren't we the brilliant Strategists reknowned  For solving and ... Read More
June 25, 2017themonochromereaper




by themonochromereaper / / Poetry
Dedicated to the one who can't be named. Five hours apart we may be, but I'll never give up on what we could be... Nothing beats waking up Watching the break of dawn As the nippy air lingers in The clime, when warmth Gradually creeps in, and The mist began to evanesce While the sublime sun Ascends to the blue yonder. I am in wonderment to be Merely spry and sentient Underneath the same welkin. It engenders the steady hope Of a sprightly beginning; Revival of the optimism that  Was lost the previous night... Do you like viewing the sunrise? Come and behold it with me. © 2017 Mel Joy (themonochromereaper.wordpress.com) All Right Reserved
June 14, 2017themonochromereaper



Once More

by themonochromereaper / / Poetry
Dedicated to dreamers. You felt dead inside, Hollow to the core like  A zombie, oozing out With a putrid miasma Of acquiescence to Your L'amour's downfall. You pondered, "should I still believe in love  When now, I just feel Nothing at all?" But soon you started  To mend inside and  Learned your worth;   You begin to have a Guise of life once more. You deduced you can heal As long as there's hope But it's a wrist-wringing And a fist-clenching work. © 2017 Mel Joy (themonochromereaper.wordpress.com)



Have You?

by themonochromereaper / / Poetry
Dedicated to those people who are still mending. Have you ever asked yourself If you're still capable of loving? That after all your broken dreams You have turned into a cynic. Have you already been numbed From all the constant coping? That you find yourself feeling Comfortable in your solitude. Does this mean to say that from Now on you will stop hoping? Thinking that no matter what you Do some dreams never come true. Will you give up and just surrender All chances of finding the one? Almost.  2017 Mel Joy (themonochromereaper.wordpress.com) All Rights Reserved




by themonochromereaper / / Poetry
I dedicate this to the beautiful soul who still believes in love yet circumspect in starting relationships. With all his acquired fame and fortune, Nobody from the crowd would have known He was still chained by his brooding past, Ever since he was suddenly left to be alone. He toiled almost every day and night, Focusing on becoming a prodigious success Yearning for someone to hug him tight And be with him so he won't writhe in bed. He now sees everything in black and white, Not letting anyone get too close with him But he's still fervently hoping that one day, He'll fall in love with someone who truly loves him. He craves to find someone unfeigned, In this contemporary world populated by fakes Seeking for that solitary and noble woman, That doesn't relish playing mind games.   2017 Mel Joy (themonochromereaper.wordpress.com) All Rights Reserved


"Love begets love." "Don't seek love nor hold on to it especially if it's not freely given. Love will find its way." I've never been in a lot of relationships, I've only been in one. But my knowledge regarding relationships makes up for my lack of experience. For five years I've been single and I watched my friends go through countless relationships in short duration's. Through them I was able to learn the common pitfalls of a relationship. But what do I really look for in a partner? Simple. I want to be with someone who can connect with my mind and soul. It's very rare to find someone who can understand how you think and feel. In addition to that, I've always craved for a loyal man who's willing to work on the relationship through thick or thin. A man who flirts with a variety of women is just a major pet peeve. Call me old fashioned but that's me, I can't change ... Read More
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