If we lived in a different reality Where humanoids and people dwell harmoniously; Where formal and informal relationships with the AI Is the norm of the society, Would you still choose to be with me, I wonder... A droid can be programmed according to your liking Built for efficiency, looks and practicality - with a bit of free will. They wouldn't interrogate you about your past, Be jealous by non-existent relationships, Or be threatened if their needs aren't met. They wouldn't demand for safety and security in the relationship Because they don't fear the unknown. They are the perfect partner to every personality, Whether you're an INTJ, ENFP or ISTJ. To keep IT satisfied, all you need to do Is invest in software's and spare parts, Keeping it up-to--date and virus-free. Wouldn't your life be in a relationship if you're in that sort of relationship?
September 3, 2018themonochromereaper


Am I too late  To perambulate the world? But too early  To peregrinate the celestials   I  behold  at  night? I surmised I'm at the expedient moment  To explore the internet And compose poetries  That you immensely liked. But was I born too late  For you my love? © 2017 Mel Joy (themonochromereaper.wordpress.com)
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