Dedicated to the one who can't be named. I now realized that he was too young to cope up with the onslaught of adoration that came his way. There were those that smothered him with adulation; beautiful, rich and influential. It was inherently inevitable that he'd take a fancy. I couldn't blame him. But how can you blame someone who's trying to remain faithful with you but finally responded to their urges? I can see him suffering and it's affecting our relationship. He was flocked by harpies, the temptations just naturally followed him around. It's only a matter of time... It's not as if he has an ironclad feelings and discipline towards his urges like a monk. No, he's a warm blooded young man filled with energy. But before you say it, let me make it clear that I'm not making excuses for him. I did my best to understand the logic behind his actions and sometimes we just have to turn off ... Read More
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