The Sage

by themonochromereaper / / Poetry
You're much wiser than I, Just like a sage And it always left me in Wonderstruck, How we can be on the same page. You have this power over me To desire change, bit by bit. You make me see the good In things which I'm somehow prejudiced;  For we have different perspectives On certain things, Like oppositions in a swordplay - You the optimist and I the skeptic. But subconciously,  My mind readily obeys To whatever you seem to say. It's like you're unveiling my eyes  To erase my sheer naiveté. Hmmm, was I placed in a trance Or in a hypnotic state? How can you say about something Which my brain readily undertakes? But I know it's not manipulation On your part, per se For you are a pure soul With an omniscient mind That I love and respect so much, I dare say. © 2017 Mel Joy (themonochromereaper.wordpress.com) All Rights Reserved 
July 18, 2017themonochromereaper




by themonochromereaper / / Opinions
      Have you ever been hounded by hungry mobs? It feels irritating at times, anxiety and stress-inducing, right? They feel as if they have every ounce of right to consume your whole being. They think of you as a property devoid of rights; Rights to privacy which is one of the most basic human rights. Although privacy in social media is considered oxymoron. But one can still have privacy by only showing snippets of their life. However, the concept of privacy is lost on people who enjoy attention and those who sought to destroy a persons' reputation whether in social media or in real life. Like I said, there are countless people who can't control themselves and always find time to intrude on your privacy. This behavior baffles me. There's so much to do than just intrude and spread gossips like wildfire. But I guess, this is something that's uncontrollable, like a genetic anomaly.        I certainly value ... Read More
June 26, 2017themonochromereaper
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