Of Ice and Fire

by themonochromereaper / / Poetry
If we lived in the world Of Ice and Fire You’ll be my Targaryen And I your Stark. With your High Valyrian command, Dracarys – Dragonfire; Balerion unleashed his fire And melted the frost That guards my frigid heart, Awakening my inner desires. In the process you vanquished The White Walkers and the Wights, Keeping me safe throughout The incoming long winter nights. I can only marvel At your prominence from afar, My valiant King As I saw you with your Mighty dragon, Balerion Dancing in the sky whilst leaving.
August 31, 2017themonochromereaper



Mein Schatz

by themonochromereaper / / Poetry
We could be a lot of things if we so desired: Outshining the rocks living a mundane life, Undaunted by the pressures But stagnation leaves us teary-eyed. Shining so brightly at the end of the storm, The rainbow leads us to our safety; Settling all our anxieties, Leaving it all behind like breadcrumbs – Remnants of the past. All we need to do Is be resolute in our judgment Instead of staying confused –  Unable to decide. I can only hope we stay together And enjoy the remaining years We have left in our short lives. For we can be anything but immortals. Only our legacy stays after we die.
August 10, 2017themonochromereaper



The Sage

by themonochromereaper / / Poetry
You're much wiser than I, Just like a sage And it always left me in Wonderstruck, How we can be on the same page. You have this power over me To desire change, bit by bit. You make me see the good In things which I'm somehow prejudiced;  For we have different perspectives On certain things, Like oppositions in a swordplay - You the optimist and I the skeptic. But subconciously,  My mind readily obeys To whatever you seem to say. It's like you're unveiling my eyes  To erase my sheer naiveté. Hmmm, was I placed in a trance Or in a hypnotic state? How can you say about something Which my brain readily undertakes? But I know it's not manipulation On your part, per se For you are a pure soul With an omniscient mind That I love and respect so much, I dare say. © 2017 Mel Joy (themonochromereaper.wordpress.com) All Rights Reserved 
July 18, 2017themonochromereaper
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